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The Product

Saving The Oil & Gas Industry Millions

Direct Benefits of Drag'N Skin Pipeline Coating Protection

Environmentally Responsible

  • Supports protection to pipe coating from potential rock damage, thus reducing the likelihood of external corrosion.

Cost Effective

  • Economically attractive
  • Installed in minimal time
  • Eliminates “field decision” as to what to do with damaged coatings
  • Can be used on plastic, steel, or fibreglass pipe

Available Sizes

Drag’n Skin Pipeline Coating Protection is currently available in 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ line pipe sizes.

When protecting your pipeline’s coating, having Drag’N Skin is a necessity. The oil and gas industry spends millions of dollars investing in coating for pipelines to protect the surface of the pipe from abrasion and prevent corrosion. However, in cases where trenchless boring is needed, the intense process of boring can leave the coating of a pipe damaged and, therefore, unable to protect the pipe. This can lead to the extra cost of removing the damaged pipe, doing necessary repairs, and even reinstalling new pipe.

Drag’N Skin Pipeline Coating Protection is an extremely attractive product to pipeline personnel as it is very economical, saving time and money. Drag’N Skin is valuable because it reduces time, money, and effort spent during the boring process. Less time is spent waiting for trenchless boring specialists, and less time is spent making decisions on how to address situations with the damaged pipe. This leads to the apparent benefit of Drag’N Skin, which significantly limits the need to remove and replace the pipe with damaged coating, saving a lot of time and money.

Fast and Easy Application

One of the most significant benefits of Drag’N Skin Pipeline Coating Protection is that it is quick and easy to apply and can be done onsite by the contractor. Needing only the sleeve ring, Drag’N Skin is fed through the slots on the sleeve ring and then dragged over the length of the pipe. Attaching the coupler to the end ensures a secure attachment with even pressure, which is also very expeditious.

Drag’N Skin Pipeline Coating Protection is also available in 3″, 4″, 6″, 8″, and 10″ line pipe sizes.

Enabling Options That Save The Environment

From an environmental standpoint, Drag’N Skin Pipeline Coating Protection is a powerful tool. When pipeline personnel can use trenchless boring with little concern of damaging the coating of pipe, they can have more confidence when they use trenchless pipeline boring applications. There are several benefits to trenchless boring, which include less disturbance of the surrounding area and little need to do large amounts of open excavation. This allows the surrounding environment and ecosystems to be preserved simultaneously as a pipeline is installed.

For more information on the installation of Drag’N Skin Pipeline Coating Protection, please visit our Installation Page.

Drag'N Skin Pipeline Coating Protection installed on a pipe, ready for a bore.